Friday, November 15, 2013

November Calendar {Thankfuls}

Tuesday/Thursday Classes

We are thankful for...
Max-my mom
Isabella-Mr. Man...I love him
Riley-Big 4 Wheelers
Hannah-Leaves in my Backyard
Kyle-Christmas Tree

We are thankful for...
Leah-My Barbie
Paisley-My Family
Thomas-My Sister who is #1 Baby Bear
Toren-For Getting Donuts
MWF Classes

We are thankful for...
Owen- Food
Jiles- Mom & Dad
Mark- My house I live in
Lila- My Table 
Brikaylie- Being 4
Kylie- Moving 
Elias- My Blankie 
Ava- My Grandma 
Athan- The whole earth 
Aspen- My mommy & daddy

We are thankful for...
Memphis- Myself
Marlee- My Mom 
Brylie- My Dad
Ryder- My whole family & that means you Ms. Kim....Your my family. 
Braylon- My sister
Sam- My name "Blue Sam" 
Michael- My Rocks