Enrollment and Tuition

Kindergarten Readiness
4-5 year olds $130/month
MWF  AM  9:00-11:30
MWF  PM  12:30-3:00

3-4 year olds $90/month
T TH  AM 9:00-:11:30
T TH  PM  12:30-3:00

Registration and immunization forms must be returned completely filled out before a child enters preschool. The registration fee is $25.00. This fee is non-refundable and is used to purchase supplies for your child.

Please advise the school of any behavioral, emotional, or medical condition your child may have to enable the school to ensure appropriate care and safety.

Tuition is an annual fee, which may be paid monthly. Tuition is due on the 1st school day of each month. before services are rendered. Tuition payments received after the 15th of each month will be subject to a $15 late fee. Tuition is a flat rate and will not be reduced for days missed regardless of the reason for absence.

The school year is a 9 month academic year September-May. A 30 day written notice must be provided if a student leaves school during the academic year.